2003: DIYORELSE was started from the inspiration of Minor Threat, Ian Mckaye and the idea that you can do anything you want. Just do it yourself. No excuses. The punk ethos struck a chord and the zine was born. We published 5 editions that year, each growing and changing the form and function of the zine as a vessel for communication.

2004: More zines. The year culminated with the November 22nd party which featured 5 bands, 250 people, and original artwork from 10 artists.

2005: A record label is born. Releasing 4 albums by the likes of Every Move a Picture, elephone, and the Lonelyhearts. In that short period, Every Move a Picture was picked up by V2, elephone was picked up by 3ring records, and The Lonelyhearts produced 2 albums with great reviews.

2006: 3 year anniversary edition of the magazine will be launched in March. Theme for 2006: at least I am fucking trying.

Do it yourself… or else someone else will
Do it yourself… or else no one else will

The only question left then, is which of these two statements is the more offensive to you.